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We are offering a wide range of products that helps you to accomplish your IT related needs like ERP software, web design & development, mobile apps and digital marketing services etc.Our products are designed to encompass our customer's future requirement.



"VEDANTA School ERP delievers complete package."

Hardware Setup - Free Of Cost For School

  • 1- On Premise Server
  • 2- GPS Device
  • 3- Smart ID Card
  • 4- Wi-Fi Routers
  • 5- Tablet Computer
  • 6- Web Hosting Server

Vedanta School ERP Software Application

  • 1- People
  • 2- Finance
  • 3- Front Office
  • 4- Academics
  • 5- Infrastructure
  • 6- Other features

Onsite Manpower Support

Vedanta shall dedicate an Onsite Manpower who is well versed with the complete system and has complete know-how of the operations.
The resource shall be stationed at the Institution who understands the functioning of the Institution as well is versed with the technical
of the System. This will enable effective management of the system.9

Service Setup

  • Investment on Hardware
  • Vedanta at its own cost shall Procure & Supply the Hardware Items .
    Hardware Setup and hence shall enable the Institution to save huge on the bulk investments.

  • Installation & Commissioning of Hardware
  • Vedanta shall depute an expert to Install & Commission the supplied hardware items in order to have an efficient installation of the VEDANTA ERP Solution.

  • Customization of the Vedanta ERP Application
  • At vedanta we understand the Institution functional domain and at the same we acknowledge the best practices followed by every Institution and hence we undertake the required business and functional customization as required by every Institution

  • Insurance of the Students
  • vedanta offers a unique proposition for the Student – Insurance! VEDANTA Student Insurance covers cashless treatment up to Rs 15,000 per annum and complete education expense of the Student (up to Standard XII) in case of any miss-happening with the paying parents. Details of the Insurance shall be termed in the agreement at the time of signing the contract.


"Utilise your fingures to pick up your health."

Purpose Of Mudra

The purpose of Yoga (yog) mudras is to bring about a complete regeneration and transformation of the body-mind principle and an expansion of the consciousness. All power is within us but we need to explore it. Yoga (Yog) Mudra is a tool through which we can convert our potential in a useful whether we have to control our mind, soul, energy or body posture, Mudra will always help us to do so.

Benifits Of Mudra

  • 1- Addition Of Energy
  • 2- Addition of Strength
  • 3- Free from Stress
  • 4- Relaxation and Refresh
  • 5- Beauty of Body
  • 6- Mind and Soul

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