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Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer's expectations. We provide custom solutions on Web, Stand Alone & Mobile in all fields of languages & adapt latest technologies in development & designing the projects to achieve the objective of different business domains.

Web Development

*We provide best Responsive website and E-commerce website.We create it according to our client's demand which attract customer.
* We provide domain to our client which exactly matching according to client demand.
* We save our client from any threat and loss of website evaluation.

Mobile Applications

* We are expert in development of mobile app,CMS development,software development and cloud as a service.
* We provide bug free services.
* We provide UI/UX Design of a successful mobile app.

Big Data Solutions

*We Provide the solution of the user's problem, whether the user is deploying traditional relational DBMS, massively distributed implementations such as Hadoop, or an integrated solution for both, Cloud4C has a solution.
* We have ability to capture real time data, big data and analytics play an important role for insurers in terms of potential customers.

Digital Marketing

* We provide designing a content plan including what sites you should be using, what types of content you should be posting, and how often
* Integrating social media into your website by adding sharing buttons, social links, and widgets featuring your social media content

Web Portal Development

*We use the best-in-class technology to design and developed web portal.Working on this to give brainstorming product with a full team of developers.

ECommerce Web Solution

* As Online shopping is being need of peoples.We offer a attractive ECommerce portal, Responsive store design & development, mobile apps, plugins & module development, & Full Support.

Software Development

*We develop software that best meet business objectives of our clients and ensure long term value. Our solutions help you organize business and technology strategies cost effectively without compromising quality.

ERP Development

* ERP Bridge comes for different open source platforms which makes it even better and flexible to manage both E-Commerce Store and Physical Inventory.ERP module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing.

Bulk SMS Services

*Bulk messaging means the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals and we provide bulk SMS services.

Live Tech Services Pvt. Ltd.

LTS is IT Company and we are dealing with Web Development, mobile application, Big Data Solution, Digital Marketing, Web Portal Development, ERP developemnt, Software Development and IT Services.

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